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Podcast 1512 March 28, 2015: Microsoft Special

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Show Notes:

Hour 1

It has been a long time since we had the opportunity to spend some time with the once indomitable digital brand that n0w finds itself in a rapidly changing digital world.  Today our entire first hour is dedicated to catching up with the Redmond giant and finding out what is shaking.

Dave SawyerWe are delighted to bring back Dave Sawyer, Technical Director, Heartland Microsoft Technology Center to help us get a grip on the many faces of Microsoft under its new leadership.  Dave comes equipped to answer our questions and show some of the newest gadgets that Microsoft is introducing.  What’s the difference between Office Web Apps and Office 365?  Is the Microsoft Band an avant garde music group? What in the world is the Internet of Things and when is Azure more than a color?  Is Internet Explorer going away? Dave.you have a lot of explaining to do.  Oh and don’t forget the gadgets!  LOL

 Microsoft Special Part 1

Click here to listen to Part 1

Microsoft Office 365

There has been a lot of confusion about Office Web Apps and Office 365.  In this segment Dave Sawyer helps sort out the pieces.

Compare the benefits of buying Microsoft Office Products vs. Office 365 for Business Products

 Microsoft Special Part 2

Click Here to Listen to Part 2

Dave Sawyer and Tablet

Dave holds one of the many inexpensive tablets and hybrids available for as little as $79.

 Students and schools benefit from special packages of Office 365.

University Students get Office 365 for $79 (one time pay) for 4 years.

Am I eligible for Student Office 365?

School Systems can get Office 365





 Microsoft Special Part 3

Click Here to Listen to Part 3


Dave shows off Microsoft Band, 94Fifity Bluetooth Basketball and App.

Dave Sawyer shows some of the Internet of Things (IoT) devices like Smart Sensor Basketball shown in the picture and  Microsoft Band powered by Microsoft Health is on his wrist.  The iPad (excuse us MS!) shows the app that has been developed to work with the basketball.






Mike BrennanMike Brennan, Editor and Host of MiTechNews

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Hour 2       Answering Listener Questions

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Foster Braun

Foster Braun, Co host and co founder of The Internet Advisor




Dave Sawyer

Dave Sawyer, Technical Director, Heartland Microsoft Technology Center

Microsoft Problem Steps Recorder

Using Steps Recorder in Windows 8.1


Bill Carver 1Bill Carver, guest tech expert, Quicken tech, PC and Mac expert



Tig Klima

 Antigone (Tig) Klima, Apple Expert and Quicken Tech



Jeff Harter sm Jeff Harter, guest tech expert, owner PC Gladiator, Westland, MI





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